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Zanin’s Magic Crayon is the electronica/indiepop-oriented one man project formed in Brighton and Hove, UK, in 2009, by Walden Barin (real name Cesar Zanin), former Brazilian power indie pop band Magic Crayon frontman and member of In Cases.
The aim of the project is presenting Magic Crayon’s songs in a different format.

Zanin’s Magic Crayon toured the USA in the summer of 2009, with Walden/Zanin singing and playing instruments as ukulele and keyboard/programming (computer). The tour lasted approximately one month and touched the following cities: Nottingham, UK; New York, NY; Concord, MA; Detroit, MI; Lansing, MI; Toronto, Canada; Chicago, IL; Lawrence, KS; Omaha, NE; Denver, CO; Olympia, WA; Berkeley, CA; and Phoenix, AZ.
Larry Barin, Walden’s son (real name Lauro Zanin), joined in for the American tour, playing the ukulele.

Now (July 2010) Zanin’s Magic Crayon is about to go on tour again, this time in Europe:




released November 18, 2009

Recorded in Hove between April and July 2009 by Cesar Zanin, with vocals, programming, effects, ukulele, electric guitar and samples by Cesar and ukulele and electric guitar by Lauro Zanin.

Mixed at home by Cesar.
Design by Cesar, photos by Fernanda Razini and Cesar.
Music and words of 1, 3 and 6 by Cesar.
2 music by Cesar and words by Gilberto Custodio Jr.
4 music by Paulo Matos and Cesar, words by Megssa Fernandes.
5 music by Cesar and words by Megssa.
7 music by Cesar and Paulo, words by Megssa and Cesar.
8 music by Cesar and words by Craig Dunlop.
9 music by Cesar and Paulo, words by Cesar.



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O Bosque / Woodland is a DIY label, until feb 2011 based in Brighton, UK and now back in Brazil, dedicated to indiepop, lofi, electronic music, folk, experimental, shoegaze, rock and pretty much everything in-between.

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Track Name: A Kind And Green Night
I should've known, you'd not have to tell me
I can't suffer, I never suffer enough

To want to be what I am,
That's the freedom that remains to me

That was a kind and green night

To be nothing or acting what you are?
Track Name: Love Doesn't Happen That Way
Thinking of ways of keeping you here
I should have known all along
It was too good to last...
Love doesn't happen that way

My heart will break all over again
And I... I’ll never fall in love again

It’s so sad
To watch a good love go bad
It was too good to last...
Love doesn't happen that way
Track Name: Going Away
I push off the Venetian
It was a real morning
My life is falling to my feet

The milk, the phone operator,
the air conditioning, the old chair...
They were not my connivers anymore

Too much noise
for simply nothing
No one can see me

Not even a single blood drop
No one can see me
(not even myself)
Track Name: Start
I guess this is another start, again
I don't want one more revenge
I just want to help myself to get out

I need a dance, I need a drink
I need distance of all my dreams
I don't want you to watch me getting down

True love...
Track Name: Air Guitar Man
He's alone playing his air guitar
and dancing in the room
I guess the boy's mind is too far
thinking he's the first man on the moon

I don't know where he got the guts
to keep in silence and feel the blues

I could spend all my life alone
or I could sing you my favorite songs
I'll never know another boy like him
Track Name: Whatever You Say Is A Lie (So Fucking Romantic)
Lovers are actors and so we are
I really want to revenge and hurt
Death is all around us every time
and we're just so afraid of that

You can forget me
I am not always (t)here
Everywhere we see people

I save you, I destroy you

You are a piece of myself and so am I
I can't be anything good without you
I never mean you to suffer
I will love you forever and ever

I can't forget you
You are always here
Everywhere I see us

You save me, you destroy me
Track Name: All Winter Long
Electric light shines and warms up bedrooms at night
And now the sad something grows

On the street, quickly walking
To where’s happening
Out of here is the city’s glow

Starlight just tumbles down
Shoulders eyes and hits the ground
Dark cold spaces reach their town

Everybody’s in their island
Everybody’s staying home

And you’re here today
And I’ll pray if hence there is one
And you feel me there
Filled with warmth
And filled with love

And the streets are there
We’re alive and just began

On this winter’s day
And on everyone

We’re here today