ERP​-​P300​-​CBP future great filter

by A Espiral de Bukowski



A Espiral de Bukowski is a Brazilian duo making what we call "on-the-spot-music" (or something like experimental-drone-noise-psychedelic-kraut-dub-electronic improvisation-driven music); a project by Cesar Zanin and Mariana Cetra (of the bands Magic Crayon and Fotograma).

Cesar and Mariana improvise freely on this first session of 2016, exploring the sounds of a casiotone keyboard with a handful of guitar effect pedals and other synths (either industrially manufactured and handmade), the melodica and accordion being processed and sampled at the same time they are played; via effects and tone manipulation (dealing with timbre/frequency-pitch/amplitude-loudeness/duration in order to vary sound perception); using live programming with minimal beats (sometimes in distinct measures), analog synthesis, modulation with square, triangular and saw tooth waves, granular synthesis, use of ribbon keyboard for bass lines, feedback, low-frequency oscillation, white noise, emulation of phase-locked loop and a little box that makes noises by photocells. The loops are built in conjunction with filters and effects, often in cascade. Also, they heavily use field recordings, recorded on various situations in various places using a cellphone.

The album ERP-P300-CBP future great filter was released on the 13th june 2016 and is the recording of the performance by A Espiral de Bukowski on Rasgada Coletiva's ExperimentaSom at Sesc Sorocaba - SP, Brazil on the 24th march 2016. It is their last album before an exchange program via University of São Paulo that will lead Cesar to study in Italy.

The theme of the album revolves around the issue of the inevitability of the end (of all), with an approach combining the micro (a brain wave and a protein) with the macro (the concept of the Great Filter in the context of the Fermi Paradox and conformal cyclic cosmology, a model in the context of general relativity).
In contrast to the inevitability of the end it is placed the issue of existence and P300 was the conceptual link found to jointly illustrate two human capabilities: reaction (assessment and categorization of stimuli and decision making) and development (growth/maturation and division).
Adjacent themes are: love and misunderstanding, biology, chaos theory, mathematical analysis of relativity, linguistics, evolution, politics in Brazil today.

The album was released by all of the following labels:
- O Bosque/Woodland (SP/Brazil and Brighton/UK); - Al Revés (SP/Brazil); - Platforma (RS/Brazil); - Sinewave (SP/Brazil); - Proposito (GO/Brazil).


released June 13, 2016

ERP-P300-CBP future great filter
1. CCC positive feedback affection loop deflection - pt 1
2. CCC positive feedback affection loop deflection - pt 2
3. Penrose, Chomsky, I know you know, well, Lyapunov time manifolds
4. Universal Grammarevolution in working class memory - pt 1
5. Universal Grammarevolution in working class memory - pt 2
Total: 26:

A Espiral de Bukowski:
Cesar Zanin - synthesizers, effects processor, sampler, sequencer, loop station, field recordings;
Mariana Cetra - vocalizations and Casiotone keyboard with guitar effect pedals, accordion, melodica, recorder, maraca, castanets.

Recorded from the stage by Cesar using a portastudio Zoom R16 on 24/03/2016 at SESC Sorocaba, Brazil, during the event ExperimentaSom.
Mastering by Alexandre Marino.

Cover photo by Edgard 'Degas' Steffen.

O Bosque / Woodland recordings 2016




O Bosque / Woodland recordings São Paulo, Brazil

O Bosque / Woodland is a DIY label, until feb 2011 based in Brighton, UK and now back in Brazil, dedicated to indiepop, lofi, electronic music, folk, experimental, shoegaze, rock and pretty much everything in-between.

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