Turn (radical translation of the continuum fallacy)

by A Espiral de Bukowski



Turn (radical translation of the continuum fallacy) (liner notes)

1. Linguistic general relativity, a picture of the universe (14:42)
2. Meno's vague predicates on the Symposium and Plato's MP (11:48)
3. Colorful transparent ideas calmly day-dreaming (5:34)

Total: 32:04


Turn, the last album with unpublished material from A Espiral de Bukowski, is the recording of the duo's presentation at the festival Campos de Experimentação Sonora on July 23, 2016, the day before one of them left Brazil to study in Italy.

During soundcheck a simple carelessness with the voltage and boom! More than half of A Espiral de Bukowski's equipment broke down.
The three themes of Turn "speak" of compatibilism, ontology, cognition, contact and space-time, linguistic relativism and (in) translatability, identity, intentionality and intension, law of attraction, love and entropy.


released March 16, 2017

A Espiral de Bukowski:
Cesar Zanin - synthesizers, sequencer, loop station, field recordings and hand drum;
Mariana Cetra - vocalizations and Casiotone keyboard with guitar effect pedals, accordion, melodica, recorder, maraca, castanets.

Recorded from the stage in São José dos Campos, Brazil, on 23/07/2016 at Centro Cultural Clemente Gomes, by Cesar using a portastudio Zoom R16.

Cover photo by Fabrizio Dsc.

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