by Magic Crayon



1. Senta que lá vem história (Fred & Gabriele) – 3:41
2. We die everyday (and it's alright) – 3:28
3. Enough – 2:45
4. All winter long – 2:40
5. Cynic – 2:21
6. Human species – 4:35
7. Fast hearts – 3:07
8. Farmer San’s ranch – 2:54
9. Air guitar man – 2:51
10. Natural high – 5:01
11. Entwined – 4:38
12. Watch – 2:21
13. Prova d’orchestra – 3:46
Total: 44:08


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Magic Crayon:
Cesar Zanin - guitars, vocals (also keyboard on track 8 and bass on 12);
Fabio Barbosa - drums;
Mariana Cetra – vocals (also melodica on 2 and 9, accordion on 3, 6, 7 and 10, recorder on 13);
Carlos Costa – bass (here on 2, 6 and 10).

(Gilberto Custodio Jr - bass on 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 13;
Paulo Matos - second guitar on 1, 4 and 8;
Craig Dunlop – vocals on 4;
Renato Custódio – synthesizer on 13.)


Further info - mais informações:



released August 28, 2015

Tracks 2, 6 and 10 recorded live (with vocals and some other stuff overdubbed) at Family Mob (Converse Rubber Tracks), in São Paulo, on the 29th April 2015, by Andre Kbelo and Jean Dollabella. Studio assistant: Bruno 'skero'.
Tracks 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13 recorded by Cesar in São Paulo in 2011 at Quadrophenia Studio (drums), ADroad Studio (guitar) Gilberto’s place (bass), Cesar and Mariana’s place (vocals, melodica and accordion).
Tracks 1, 4 and 8 recorded in São Paulo sometime between 2003 and 2004 at Quadrophenia Studio (drums) by Sandro Garcia and Cesar’s place (everything else) by Cesar.
Track 12 recorded in São Paulo in 2001 at Zardoz Studio (drums) by Luiz Kowalski and Cesar’s place (everything else) by Cesar.

Mixed by Cesar.

Music and words by Cesar (except 1 by Cesar and Paulo, 4 by Cesar and Craig, 6 by Cesar and Carlos, 9 by Cesar and Megssa Fernandes).

Artwork by Chris McFarlane.

This is Jigsaw Records #87.
Jigsaw Records 2015

This is O Bosque / Woodland recordings #59.
O Bosque / Woodland recordings 2015




O Bosque / Woodland recordings São Paulo, Brazil

O Bosque / Woodland is a DIY label, until feb 2011 based in Brighton, UK and now back in Brazil, dedicated to indiepop, lofi, electronic music, folk, experimental, shoegaze, rock and pretty much everything in-between.

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Track Name: Senta que lá vem história (Fred & Gabriele)
Senta que lá vem história (Fred & Gabriele)

Gabriele acreditava num super-homem

Fred, um artista que não se achava,
um qualquer.
Não se achava um qualquer e sabe que consegue

Fred confunde ansiedade com insônia.
O super-homem de Gabriele não dorme.

E na hora de ir trabalhar,
É Gabriele quem encontra o mal ideal,
e Fred percebe que tudo se sente

Devem ser mesmo uns bobos
Bufam mas beijam, xingam mas gozam

Gabriele sabe que é atraente
Fred sabe que qualquer dor se sente

Tecem toda uma teia, crentes,
e qualquer canção boba os desmente

Sim, é meio demente, e até bonito

Eles acreditam

E então se amam.
Track Name: We die everyday (and it's alright)
We die everyday (and it's alright)

Once more we go to bed anyway
And feel until we're not there anymore

Before the dream every time I cease to be
I don't get why feeling so afraid

Why (do we keep) asking questions?
They're all helpless, just like us

Everyday we wake up again
All parts making the wholes

We contemplate the light and we deny
Most of us don't accept freedom

We die everyday and it's alright
Yeah we die everyday, I just want to be high at last
Track Name: Enough

I wish I could know when I'm really lying
I wish I was clever enough to be kind to the right point
I wish I could be sure of everything I express
I wish I wouldn't get annoyed so easily

I want to have fun
That's enough suffering
Track Name: All winter long
All Winter Long

Electric light shines and warms up bedrooms at night
And now the sad something grows

On the street, quickly walking
to where it’s happening
Out of here it’s the city’s glow

Starlight just tumbles down
Shoulders, eyes and it hits the ground
Dark cold spaces reach their town
Everybody’s in their island
Everybody’s staying home

And you’re here today
And I’ll pray if hence there is one
And you feel me there
Filled with warmth
And filled with love
And the streets are there
We’re alive and it’s just began

On this winter’s day
And on everyone
We’re here today
Track Name: Cynic

Everything's full, existence all around,
Dense and heavy and smooth...
I have a waterfall in my brain.

...Unreachable and slow, ruthless and still,
There's this precision, there's this strictness.
I have a mountainside in my heart.

That grove was so quiet, pure.
It was like it had been almost spared.
They roamed, and they lived, ate, slept, loved, worked and died.
Track Name: Human species
Human species

Oh Lauro, you're so young, the future is ahead of you

You have just begun your path and you've got so much to learn

You're beautiful, talented and sweet, yet wicked and brash

With all my rights and wrongs, goods and bads
I managed to cope somehow

You can do so much better than me for sure
But please think of Laura, you need to show you care
Because she is your future just like you're mine
Track Name: Fast hearts
Fast Hearts

Green eyes, you’ve captured me with your smile
It all got odd for me and I didn’t quite managed it
But I am trying to make it easier

I wish I could know why I feel
you’re keeping yourself from me
Since you’re still there for me

And if it’s alright, it is just a glimpse
Well, the present is past
All we have is past

And if you think of it, it’s just an illusion
There is no past

That is why people like us have fast hearts
Track Name: Farmer San's ranch
Farmer San’s Ranch

Getting into the country
Going to the farm

There are chickens and beans
There they are

Straw hat, long boots, white belt
And mainly gap

It might be good to have nothing to do at all
The only gap is being supposed to pretend

Hey, San, please bring us some beers
And please don’t forget to bring me my dose of blend, okay

Being rude now, I guess you’re fine

At least you’re away from the job
Track Name: Air guitar man
Air Guitar Man

He's alone playing his air guitar
and dancing in the room
I guess the boy's mind is too far
thinking he's the first man on the moon

I don't know where he got the guts
to keep in silence and feel the blues

I could spend all my life alone
or I could sing you my favorite songs
I'll never know another boy like him
Track Name: Natural high
Natural high

I was used to hearing that all humans create is not natural, that artificial means not occurring in nature

Well, physics and chemistry are natural
The Earth and every other star and planet are made of the same elements throughout the universe
Everything here on Earth comes from star stuff (including me and you and Earth itself)

Our brains are part of nature and all the things we create and do are part of nature
I’m just as natural as a tree or an airplane or a language
We are naturally changing the nature of the world
Even after human extinction nature will prevail
I want psychedelics and I want to cum
I want science, not religion
I want to live in blissful peace
And contribute to the happiness of others
Track Name: Entwined

When his odor caresses her olfaction
When lust becomes affection
When his hands slide through her body
When their eyes find rest

When his words bristle her soul
When speech becomes unessential
When his behavior surprises her desires
When their mouths salivate sweetly

When their bodies, entwined, ask to stay so
When love finally comes to never leave

Amplified senses
Leading life towards brighter meanings.
Track Name: Watch

(Paint Your Dreams)
They told me of an invisible system
Where electrons gravitate around a heart
They explain me this world with an image
Then I recognize poetry

You watch me saying
You watch me stay
You fell my breath in your air

Be around...
I want you to...