Waking life dreaming

by Magic Crayon



Waking life dreaming (EP)
1. We die everyday (and it's alright) – 3:41
2. Human species – 5:15
3. Cynic – 2:29
4. Natural high – 5:26
5. Hey, are you a dreamer? – 2:51


Magic Crayon:
Cesar Zanin - guitars, vocals;
Fabio Barbosa - drums;
Mariana Cetra – vocals, melodica on track 1, accordion on 2 and 4;
Carlos Costa - bass.

Gilberto Custodio Jr - bass on 3 and 5;
Paulo Matos - second guitar on 5.


released August 5, 2015

Tracks 1, 2 and 4 recorded live (with vocals and some other stuff overdubbed) at Family Mob (Converse Rubber Tracks), in São Paulo, on the 29th April 2015, by Andre Kbelo and Jean Dollabella. Studio assistant: Bruno 'skero'.
Track 3 recorded in São Paulo by Cesar in 2011 at Quadrophenia Studio (drums), Gilberto’s place (bass), ADroad Studio (guitar) and Cesar and Mariana’s place (vocals).
Track 5 recorded in São Paulo sometime between 2003 and 2004 at Quadrophenia Studio (drums) by Sandro Garcia and Cesar’s place (everything else) by Cesar.

Mixed by Cesar.

Cover artwork by Cesar upon photography by Mariana.

Music and words by Cesar (except 2, with some of the music made by Carlos as well).

Photos of the Rubber Tracks session by Fernanda Trindade.

Transtorninho Records 2015
O Bosque / Woodland recordings 2015




O Bosque / Woodland recordings São Paulo, Brazil

O Bosque / Woodland is a DIY label, until feb 2011 based in Brighton, UK and now back in Brazil, dedicated to indiepop, lofi, electronic music, folk, experimental, shoegaze, rock and pretty much everything in-between.

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Track Name: We die everyday (and it's alright)
We die everyday (and it's alright)

Once more we go to bed anyway
And feel until we're not there anymore

Before the dream every time I cease to be
I don't get why feeling so afraid

Why (do we keep) asking questions?
They're all helpless, just like us

Everyday we wake up again
All parts making the wholes

We contemplate the light and we deny
Most of us don't accept freedom

We die everyday and it's alright
Yeah we die everyday, I just want to be high at last
Track Name: Human species
Human species

Oh Lauro, you're so young, the future is ahead of you

You have just begun your path and you've got so much to learn

You're beautiful, talented and sweet, yet wicked and brash

With all my rights and wrongs, goods and bads
I managed to cope somehow

You can do so much better than me for sure
But please think of Laura, you need to show you care
Because she is your future just like you're mine
Track Name: Cynic

Everything's full, existence all around,
Dense and heavy and smooth...
I have a waterfall in my brain.

...Unreachable and slow, ruthless and still,
There's this precision, there's this strictness.
I have a mountainside in my heart.

That grove was so quiet, pure.
It was like it had been almost spared.
They roamed, and they lived, ate, slept, loved, worked and died.
Track Name: Natural High
Natural high

I was used to hearing that all humans create is not natural, that artificial means not occurring in nature

Well, physics and chemistry are natural
The Earth and every other star and planet are made of the same elements throughout the universe
Everything here on Earth comes from star stuff (including me and you and Earth itself)

Our brains are part of nature and all the things we create and do are part of nature
I’m just as natural as a tree or an airplane or a language
We are naturally changing the nature of the world
Even after human extinction nature will prevail
I want psychedelics and I want to cum
I want science, not religion
I want to live in blissful peace
And contribute to the happiness of others