Flat 2 (extended)

by In Cases



Flat 2 (OB/W09-009)
1. Different - 03:03
2. We're Others - 02:31
3. Invisible - 01:37
4. Cheers Me Up - 02:37
5. Beaucheif's Sea Shanty (bonus) - 06:51
6. Six Fingers - 02:06
7. I’m Gonna Loose Myself (bonus) - 02:13
8. The Result For An Equation (bonus) - 02:26
9. The Alligator, Girl - 02:06
10. Short Memory - 02:28
11. Paper - 02:52

In Cases:
Stanislava Kasova (vocal, keyboard, violin);
Narciso Tureta (guitar, effects);
Cesar Zanin (drums, vocal, programming, effects);
André Borges (sax, flute, home-made wind instruments).





released December 3, 2009

This EP was totally made at home, yeah DIY, between August and October 2009.
Drums recorded at Monster Rehearsal Studios Brighton by Cesar and Narciso autonomously in 6 hours. All vocals and other instruments recorded at home, Portslade - Brighton and Hove, by Narciso and Cesar.
Recorded using a MR-8 HD Fostex and mixed by Cesar using Audacity.

Cover photo by S. M. Prokudin-Gorsky. Inside photo by Lauro Zanin.
Design by Cesar and Narciso.

Songs arranged by In Cases.
Initial musical draft of 1, 3, 5 and 6 by Narciso; 2, 7 and 8 by
Stanislava; 4 by Narciso and Stanislava.
Lyrics by Stanislava, except 2 and 6 by Cesar; 5 by Stanislava and Cesar.



all rights reserved


O Bosque / Woodland recordings São Paulo, Brazil

O Bosque / Woodland is a DIY label, until feb 2011 based in Brighton, UK and now back in Brazil, dedicated to indiepop, lofi, electronic music, folk, experimental, shoegaze, rock and pretty much everything in-between.

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Track Name: Different
The world where we live is so far from here
the place where we stay is different
we do what we do , everyday,
and little things bring joy to our lives

Just don’t talk if you don’t want to
and don’t make quick decisions if you don’t want to
if you’re under pressure then just relax
but you will never get there, never get there

….never get there, never get there

A different world where we live
A different place where we stay
Our being is under different

We want to live our lives today
Everything what is tomorrow is too late,
Everything what is tomorrow is too late, is too late
Track Name: We're Others
We were going to the highlands by train
the landscapes were beautiful
everyone of us stuck in ourselves
even having fun

whatever it is, it's from the outside, for the outside, by the outside
there's not much to life than feeling fine then

we all looked happy and sad together
in the end we could see many of us, all over
and no one, we're others
or maybe it's just me

we did the trail over 5 days, cycling
camping along the way
we had a good time
Lennon was right about the fields
Track Name: Invisible
Now, I will tell you story,
And you don’t need to worry,
That you gonna understand… it.

It’s all about that place,
Which I became to truly hate,
Truly hate,
Invisible, I feel invisible in there.

I can’t explain it
It is deep inside of me

And I can’t change this feeling
Of invisibility
And I can’t change this feeling
Of invisibility

But it is never, never too late
To find an answer,
It is never, never, never, too late
It is never, never, never too late
Track Name: Cheers Me Up
Stress is following me,
Before the trip,
Excitement is too big,
Before that trip, too big.

After that excitement
Here come sadness
And when I walk through the door of my empty room
there is nothing to, nothing to
Nothing to …… cheer me up

The stress is too big,
The excitement is too big,
Before the trip,
Before the trip.

When it gets to this point
I have to calm down
So I put my head down
On my knees and breathe
There is nothing to, nothing to
Nothing to….cheer me up

It is following me
You are following me
It is following me
So cheer me up, cheer me up
Cheer me up….
Cheer me up
Track Name: Six Fingers
While sitting on the bus
I was counting my fingers
How many of them, with the sunlight disturbing my eyes
and how many fingers I’ve got

Digits bringing sensation,
fiveness imposing manipulation
Limbs out of place,
all over the place
Eyelids flexion, thumbing around. Light colours and forms

Fifteen fingers, there are fifteen of them

No ratio, no ratio!
Track Name: The Alligator, Girl
Here she comes teasing every one, the alligator girl,
taking a walk on the beach with ease,
creepingly catching the breeze, she's shining.

Conservatives are the real punks, naive;
clergies are the real old MC clubs, and their followers are the real
subversives; they seriously have fun on the rest.
Oh good life, fantastique!

The rest is the real confusion.

And we all could look like Kafka
on the beach,

just like the alligator, girl,
teasing every one.
Track Name: Short Memory
Blessed by a short memory
I am going through day by day
Day by day
all my old memories
I remember, are so great
are so great
I don't remember, what have you just said?
Maybe I just wasn't listening
Maybe I wasn't there
I was so far away
As usual in my ordinary days
Well, I'm just walking
And passing by faces with an open mouth
What are they talking about?
I'm not even there
Anyway, don't you know I won't remember?
Track Name: Paper
Everything is paper
We are built from paper
A small piece of that something
Can change your living
You hold it,
You give it,
Smile and cry over it
So why is that
It is so important
Paper is here and paper is there
And rubbish is growing
You walk on it
You breathe it
So why is it so important?
Paper street, paper house,
Paper trees and paper ground
all around us, all around us, all around us
Paper shop, paper school,
Paper car and paper food
all around us, all around us, all around us