by Barins



Barins are a confraternity of lo-fi freethinking emigrants.

This album is the result of their three recording sessions, held between December 2008 and February 2009.


released April 6, 2010

First two recording sessions – all tracks except 3, 9 and 15:
The drums were recorded in three rehearsal slots held at Brighton Electric studios (rooms 5 and 3) using the band’s portastudio Fostex MR-8HD and 4 microphones; all the other instruments and the vocals were recorded home, in Hove, using the band’s portastudio and Audacity 1.3 beta (PC); recording and mixing made by Walden Barin.
Third recording session – only 3, 9 and 15:
All instruments (drums, guitars, violin and maracas) recorded live on 21/02/2009, at The Tamborines studio, in London. Recording and mixing made by Henrique Laurindo.

Guitar on 10, 12 and 13, ukulele on 4 and 13, maracas on 5 and 13, drums and vocals played by Walden Barin. Guitars played by L. B. and Narc Barin. Vocal on 4 and 10 and bass played by Bacon Barin (not present on 3, 9 and 15). Violin played by Una Barin. Maracas on 3, 9 and 15 by Bebel Barin. Guest vocals on 15 by Henrique
‘Tamborines’ and all Barins.

Lyrics written by Walden, except 3 by Walden and Larry; 8 and 14 by Walden and Narc; 13 by Walden, Narc and Larry and 15 by Barins and Henrique ‘Tamborines’.
Music: 1/16 and 13 written by Walden and Larry; 2, 12 and 15 by Larry and Narc; 3 and 8 by Larry; 4, 6 and 11 by Narc; 5, 7 and 10 by Narc and Walden; 9 by Larry and Bacon; 14 by Walden, Narc and Larry.

Cover and cd label photos, and design, by Walden; inner photo (this one) by Bebel.
Video for Cleanup Employees Party filmed and edited by Bacon; Videos for One Hour, World Trip Sponsorship, Barins and Pidgin Living (A Bar In My Head) filmed by Bebel and edited by Bacon.



all rights reserved


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O Bosque / Woodland is a DIY label, until feb 2011 based in Brighton, UK and now back in Brazil, dedicated to indiepop, lofi, electronic music, folk, experimental, shoegaze, rock and pretty much everything in-between.

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Track Name: Barins (mr80011Lmr80013R)
Hi there, the name of the group
is Barins
Yeah, Barins, Italian surname,
borrowing meaning from pubs
and brains
Or 360 Graus’ characters
We don’t play well to please (no
one but ourselves)
We’re Barins and here’s no singa-
long, no standard
Be ready to get on at random
Track Name: False Alarm
You know, we, Barins, are emigrants,
false dago reds (devil rats),
ended up in Brighton, England.
We were looking to get a life
We were staying in this crazy hostel
With nuts, nuts all around
One morning, I was, kind of, sleeping
And, humn, you know, humn
I didn’t realize at the time, but
There was this, humn
Everybody downstairs
And I wasn’t even able to pull my socks
And it was false alarm
Track Name: Pidgin Living (A Bar In My Head)
Do you know Fred?

I know I should have learned to speak properly in order to form a rock group in England, sorry for that, after all you have dumped the runes for people like the Normans and me.
You know, things like Beowulf, Chaucer or even Shakespeare.

But here I am
just a homey who knows some Smiths lyrics,

a grotesque amalgamation pleading for something else than baby talk, looking for my FOXP2.

Let me tell you about Fred.

The FT hypothesis describes us all attempting to simplify lives by language.
And a 6ft Fortean Times reader could be a nurse too.
Our lives, mate
Crossed by case

But I keep going, code-switching
lacking grammar and vocabulary
just trying not to become a pigeon

Yeah, amalgamation, amalgamation
It's a pidgin living, this outsider jargon Barins let off,
All Calque lyrics, creole rock, such a pidgin life
It's a pidgin living, slightly a living language

A bar in my head
Track Name: Second Opinion
I was trying to sell my car
The poor stupid girl boyfriend's opinion was not enough

So we took my car for a friend of her to see it
Because this guy was told to be a mechanic

And he said "my pussycat, this car is not for you"

"Because if it breaks down, no way, you'll have to throw it away"

Then he said to me "man, if someone offers you 2000 pounds, be sure it's already too much"

"For you to sell this car here, man, you'll have to kick it to somebody"

So I kicked the car to somebody
I kicked the car
Let's kick the car
Kick it
Kick the car

A brand new car
And everybody was kicking the car
Just because the guy was a mechanic and he was saying to kick the car to sell it
Track Name: World Trip Sponsorship
We needed to rent a place to live in.
The lady from the estate agency called me up saying she had found the ideal home for us.

So we went there, to see the house.

Nice, yeah, it was nice. Big house, the rent wasn't even unreachable.

The landlords were a couple, young people.

There was a lot of books; good people, I though. Furnished house, I like it, I said.

Then the lady from the estate agency told us the young couple was going to do a trip around the world.

At that one moment, that house became our home and we became happy to spend our miserable salary to somehow sponsor our landlords' trip around the world.
Track Name: Lambrusco
Supermarket; my friend Narc and I went to buy some
The cashier didn't want to sell it to us, saying Narc was too young

Then I said it was all for me
But no way
So I said "hey man, ciao"
And he understood that, 'cause he went outside

In the meantime the cashier went crazy and there was already a queue going on

I remember a fellow behind me saying "man, I know it's crazy but you'd have to choose another cashier without him..."

Well, we had to get out of there without the bottles we had chosen already

Back to the hostel, I then made a search on the web
(he wasn't 21 but he's 20 and that should make the difference, gord!)

So we went back to the supermarket and Narc bought the bottles of wine by himself

And now we know that the lambrusco sold in England is sweeter than that in Italy
Track Name: One Hour
Working in a hospital as a housekeeper can be crap, but working in a hospital as a housekeeper in a country in which you can't speak its language is cruel!

One day I was about to simply go home one hour before the end of my shift, by mistake.
And I couldn't even explain to the furious supervisors who were facing me that I hadn't done it out of spite...

Well, I thought "when it happens, generally people arrive one hour late..."

One hour I'll change, yeah, change attitude, change bins too

Three phalanges on every finger, counting till 12 with the thumb on one hand
All analogies among sets of data

I found out what refraction is, at work, lying on a couch in an empty ward, looking to the window trying not to sleep
I was supposed to clean that ward but the hangover was killing me

Never say "see you tomorrow" to your supervisor just by hearing traces of a conversation between people who don't speak your same language!
Track Name: I Am Not Patient
Larry and Narc, they made a tune on the guitar
And we went to rehearse it, insert lyrics and everything

Well, when they first played it to me
I was quite sleepy, so I didn't listened very well
But it wasn't bad, I think
The thing is, I'm not patient

Well, Larry played, well, I grumbled...
What the hell is this?!?
Damn, you inverted the times
There's no sense, damn!

Then they told me again
that I am not patient...
Larry reached to asking me to make a song
about this

The following day, after coming back from work, I realized that song would have lyrics like this

I'm not patient, no
Nor doctor, no
Nor porter
Housekeeper I am

Patient the fuck
The thing is, I do know I don't know any fucking thing, yeah

Luckily not every patient is like the son of a bitch of bed 8
I got scared today
After cleaning all his soil again
I wished he stopped grunting forever
So I realized I'm not patient at all

Fuck, it's not the chorus yet
no, no, time has changed
it's not ta ta ta, it's pa pa pa
hey, look, there will be the chorus, right after this bit

I am not patient, no
Nor doctor, no
Nor porter
Housekeeper I am

I am not patient, no
I am not patient,
Not yet
Track Name: Cleanup Employees Party
At the cleanup employees party, super goal!
At the cleanup employees party, mopping, mopping, deep clean!

Hundreds of members, strategically infiltrated, supporting the pseudo-coreligionists cause

Cleanup employees party, mopping, mopping
Cleanup employees party, hosting too

Training to take over the office
The new consulate is the hospital!

Pirate broadcast helping the sick
One minute ahead of grandstand's
One-point result, one-point missing
Watch out Infection site

Brighton's most brazilian platform
You'll find it at the cleanup employees party

Mopping, bossa nostra, super goal!
Track Name: Nordkinn Path
Nine thousand kilometres, by car
Little money, a few days off work
Many mp3 cds, wine and beer, and maps

Well, once more on the road!
Heading north

We left Treviso, it was summer time, and we went towards the extreme north of Norway, Nordkinn
Through Italy, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway

Coming back through Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland

Do you know what life is? I don't.
But when I swum nude in a lake between Finland and Russia, within the Artic Circle, I just saw a spark of it
And when we walked a path towards the northernmost lighthouse in Europe, yeah I saw a spark of it
And we were all hungry

I expected to find out nothing in there, up in the north
we were at Nordkinn, and there was nothing but beauty.

We walked a path and we were all hungry

Next summer we will go to china, through Russia, going through all Trans-Siberian railway
Track Name: Dog On Leef I
I wanted to write a lyric about god for this song,
not about all this fucking evil which religion is and religious people do,
but how could I write something good about nothing especially, humn, real?

I have already thought Mark Smith could be God.
Of course, I was wrong.
Well, at least I saw him as Jesus once, on the telly.

Religious people in practice act just as they think atheists do.

Bang and Crunch are just Bounce or Rip and Freeze are just the same heat death.
Branes, all branes in a bulk.
Flakes, all flakes in a bowl.
God could be gas, but isn't. It's just gas.

Heidelberg was a really strange place then, when the folks began worrying about digging and monoliths, just like Atapuerca.
But Eridu and Thinis weren't enough to avoid the Axis, on the contrary.
Controlling subjects was tempter.
Death, from selfish fear became an others hit, a Top of the Pops number one single.
But it's all gas, axial.

Cynophobia indoctrination.
Track Name: Breezing
Hey Tony, don't go away, please.
You're Barins' souce, wow.

Someone's trying to stick me a finger now
But I'm not that type, no.

Valpolicella, you're glorious, I feel in a roses sea.
Tony, we're gonna miss you, bro.

O dear windy Brighton and Hove.
Take this day, go!

Well, I wanna know Mexico.

Do you think you're free when you do what you're supposed to?
Do you think you're free when you don't do what you're supposed to?
Do you think you're free when you do what you're not supposed to?

People feature in the stories they tell themselves, to make sense of their world; they're just a convenient but fictional character.

Shooting the breeze, oh cutting wind, breezing through different worlds. My guru's breeze.

Barins trying to catch the breeze.
Fssssiiiiuuuuuu fssiiuuuuu
Track Name: Harmony Among People
It's a hard life

I am an immigrant, yes, that's a fact
Therefore I need to learn some English
If I want to live in England, you know

As I've been seeing so many lovely bottoms since I arrived here I've tried to improve my vocabulary

So I saw a really cool bottom
And said

Let's make love, baby
Come to my bedroom
Or something like that, you know

I was so happy, being able to communicate
Feeling harmony among people
Track Name: Barins (mr80012Rmr80014L)
Hi there, the name of the group is Barins
Yeah, Barins, Italian surname, borrowing meaning from pubs and brains

Or 360 Graus' characters

We don't play well to please (no one but ourselves)
We're Barins and here's no sing-a-long, no standard pronunciation!

Be ready to get on at random